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Religious makeup of countries N to Z

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In the table below:

bulletNumbers are shown as percentage of the total population.
bulletThe following abbreviations are used:
bulletA Atheist
bulletB Buddhist
bulletC Christian
bulletEL Evangelical Lutheran
bulletH Hindu
bulletI Indigenous, Aboriginal, Animist, Traditional faith groups
bulletJ Judaism
bulletM Muslim
bulletN None
bulletO Orthodox Christian
bulletP Protestant Christian
bulletR Roman Catholic Christian
bulletSh Shi'a Muslim
bulletSu Sunni Muslim
bulletT Taoism

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Countries whose names begin with the letter A to D and E to M are listed separately.

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It is important to realize that these data are typically based on surveys of adults. In many countries, the vast majority of citizens are only nominally affiliated with a religious group. In much of Europe, less than 15% of the population actually attend church or other religious establishment weekly. In the U.S., about 40% say that they attend weekly; only 20% actually do. In Canada the corresponding numbers are about 20% and 10%

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Country Formal Name Religious Makeup
Nambia Republic of Nambia Lutheran 50; other C 30
Nauru Republic of Nauru Mainly C
Nepal Kingdom of Nepal H* 90; B 5; M 3
Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands C 34; P 25
New Zealand Same Anglican 24; Presbterian 18; R 15
Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua R 95
Niger Republic of Niger M 80
Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria M 50; C 40
Norway Kingdom of Norway EL 88
Oman Sultanate of Oman M 75
Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan Su 77; Sh 20
Palau Republic of Palau R, P, Modekngei
Panama Republic of Panama R 85; P 15
Papua New Guinea Independent State of Papua New Guinea I 34; R 22; Lutheran 16
Paraguay Republic of Paraguay R 90
Peru Republic of Peru Mainly R
Philippines Republic of the Philippines R 83; P 9; M 5
Poland Republic of Poland R 95
Portugal Portuguese Republic R 97
Qatar State of Qatar M 95
Romania Same Romanian O 70; R 6; P 6
Russia Russian Federation 25% Russian O, 60% N, M, others **
Rwanda Republic of Rwanda R 65; I 25
Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis P 85
Saint Lucia Same R 90; P 7
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Same Anglican, Methodist, R
Samoa Independent State of Samoa C 99.7
San Marino Most Serene Republic of San Marino Mainly R
São Tomé and Príncipe Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe R, P
Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia M 100%
Senegal Republic of Senegal M 92; I 6; C 2
Seychelles Republic of Seychelles R 90; Anglican 8
Sierra Leone Republic of Sierra Leone M 60; I 30; C10
Singapore Republic of Singapore B 32; T 22; M 15; C 13; H 3
Slovakia Slovak Republic R 60; P 8
Slovenia Republic of Slovenia R 71
Solomon Islands Same Anglican 34; R 19; Baptist 17; Other C 26
Somalia Same Su
South Africa Republic of South Africa C 68; I 29
Spain Kingdom of Spain R 99
Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka B 69; H 15; C 8; M 8
Sudan Republic of the Sudan Su 70; I 25
Suriname Republic of Suriname H 27; P 25; C 23; M 20
Swaziland Kingdom of Swaziland C 60; I 40
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden EL 94
Switzerland Swiss Confederation R 47; P 40
Syria Syria Arab Republic Su 74; Other M 16; C 10
Tiwan Republic of China B, T, Confucian 93; C 5
Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan Su 80
Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania C 45; M 35; I 20
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand B 95; M 4
Togo Republic of Togo I 70; C 20; M 10
Tonga Kingdom of Tonga Free Wesleyan 44; R 16
Trinidad and Tobago Republic of Trinidad and Tobago R 32; P 28; H 24
Tunisia Republic of Tunisia M 98
Turkey Republic of Turkey M 100
Turkmenistan Republic of Turkmenistan M 89; O 9
Tuvalu Same Congregationalist 97
Uganda Republic of Uganda P 33; R 33; I 18; M 16
Ukraine Same Ukranian O; R
United Arab Emirates Same M 96; C, H
United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Anglican, R, other C, M
United States United States of America P 61; R 23; O 1; J 1; M 1
Uruguay Oriental Republic of Uruguay R 66
Uzbekistan Republic of Uzbekistan M 88; O 9
Vanuatu Republic of Vanuatu Presbyterian 37; Anglican 15; R 15, I 8
Vatican City The Holy See R 100
Venezuela Republic of Venezuela R 96
Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam B, T, R, I
Yemen Republic of Yemen Mostly M
Yugoslavia Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Serbian O 65; M 19; R 4
Zambia Republic of Zambia C, H, M
Zimbabwe Republic of Zimbabwe C and I 50; C 25; I 24

* Established as the state religion.

** From the Cambridge Factfinder 1

Although care was taken in the preparation of this data, we cannot be responsible for any errors or their consequences.

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Countries whose names begin with the letter A to D and E to M are listed separately.

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  1. David Crystal, Ed., "The Cambridge Factfinder," Cambridge Univ. Press, (1994) Read reviews or order the 1998 edition of this book

Copyright © 1999 to 2011
 Latest update: 2011-FEB-21
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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