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Christian denominations and homosexuality

The Family a.k.a. The Children of God

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The Family's beliefs concerning human sexuality:

The Family is an Evangelical Protestant denomination, with a difference.

In common with other Fundamentalist Protestant groups, The Family follows conservative Protestant beliefs concerning heaven, hell, salvation, inspiration of the Bible, the Trinity, creationism, the imminent end of the world as we know it, etc.

Their main deviation from the beliefs of other conservative Christian denominations relates to the morality of human sexuality. They view

"....heterosexual relations, when practiced as God ordained, designed, and intended—between consenting adults of legal age—is a pure and natural wonder of God's creation, and permissible according to Scripture. Members of the Family, if they choose, may privately and with discretion, according to Family Charter guidelines, interact sexually with other adults within the Family, as long as all parties concerned are in agreement and no one is offended by it." 1

They believe that consensual opposite-sex behavior between adult members of The Family is quite acceptable. Sexual enjoyment, from masturbation to intercourse is considered a gift of God. It is an activity that is to be thoroughly enjoyed as a major focus of one's life. Lesbianism was at one time acceptable but sex between two males has always been forbidden.

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The Family's beliefs concerning homosexuality:

In their essay "Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited" they interpret the activities described in Genesis 19 in the same way as most other conservative Christian groups. They equate two behaviors:

bullet In the time of Lot: The attempts by the men of the city of Sodom to rape male angels.

bullet Today: Consensual same-sex activity by today's males who have a homosexual orientation -- including sex occurring within a loving, committed same-sex relationship.

They also equate:

bullet In the mid 1st century CE: The activity of some heterosexuals who were formerly Christians but who reverted to Paganism and who engaged in sexual behavior against their basic nature with members of the same-sex.

bullet Today: Same-sex activity by males who have a homosexual orientation who engage in sexual behavior in harmony with their basic nature.

Apparently quoting Romans 1:31 and 2 Timothy 3:3, they refer to the current "...prevalence and acceptance of male homosexuality." They condemn " much today's world is 'without natural affection'.....Society's view on sodomy is increasingly like that which prevailed in Sodom 'in the days of Lot'. So it's another sign of the times that male homosexuality is sweeping across the world. It is not only tolerated in most countries today, but is actively encouraged in many places, while numerous films, recordings and entertainers flaunt and promote it." 2

They cite four indicators from the mid 1990s of the increasing acceptance of sexual behavior by persons with a homosexual orientation:

bullet 1992: The Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) wrote guidelines for sex-ed in U.S. public schools. They state that homosexuality, heterosexual and bisexual orientation are morally equivalent, and that families headed by same-sex and opposite-sex couples are also morally equivalent. 3

bullet 1993: France treated all stay-at-home non-working spouses equally. Both same-sex and opposite-sex spouses received medical benefits. 4

bullet 1994: The European Parliament ruled that countries in the European Union should treat same-sex and opposite-sex couples equally in areas of marriage, adoption, raising foster children, age of consent for sexual activities. It called for the repeal of laws criminalizing same-sex behavior. 5

bullet 1994: The British Broadcasting Corporation treated opposite-sex couples who were getting married in the same way as same-sex couples who took part in "a formal ceremony of commitment." Both received a week's paid vacation to go on honeymoon, and a 75-pound (approximately $110 U.S. at the time) gift vouchers as wedding/commitment presents. 6

bullet 1996: 300 leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion gave their support to the ordination of candidates for the priesthood who were involved in loving, committed same-sex relationships. 7

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The current status of sexual activity between two women is unknown. We wrote to The Family on 2005-OCT-12 requesting clarification. Historically, the response rate from questions sent to evangelical groups is less than 5% and from liberal/progressive groups is above 80%. Thus we did not anticipate a response and were not surprised when none came.

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References used:

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Copyright 2005 to 2012 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2005-OCT-12
Updated: 2012-AUG-19

Author: B.A. Robinson
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