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In the following, "SSM" refers to "same-sex marriage."

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News of 2005-October to December:

bullet 2005-OCT-21: Kansas court overturns discriminatory legislation: Matthew Limon was barely 18 years of age when he engaged in consensual homosexual sex with another male who was almost 15 years of age at the time. Both were inmates at a residential school for developmentally disabled youths. If the 15 year-old had been a young woman, Limon would probably have received a sentence of 15 months in jail or less. He was given 17 years in jail -- an increase in sentencing by 15 times! The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Kansas courts to retry the case. The Kansas Supreme Court unanimously declared the state law under which Limon was convicted to be unconstitutional. 1 More details.
bullet 2005-NOV-08: TX: Constitutional amendment passed: By about a 74% majority, Texas voters approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Texas became the 19th state in the U.S. to pass such an amendment.
bullet 2005-NOV-08: ME: Anti-discrimination law passed: The Maine legislature passed a law earlier in 2005 which amended the Maine Human Rights Act. The changes make discrimination illegal in employment, housing, credit, public accommodations and education based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. This was confirmed by the voters by a margin of about 56% to 44%. Maine has become the last state in New England to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. 2
bullet 2005-DEC-13: IA: Lawsuit by six same-sex couples who want to marry: Six same-sex couples attempted to obtain marriage licenses in Iowa. All were refused. With the help of Lambda Legal, they launched a lawsuit to challenge the marriage act in the state which restricts marriage to one man and one woman. The lawsuit has reinvigorated support for the Iowa Marriage Amendment which is a constitutional amendment to prevent same-sex couples from marrying in the state. It was passed in the house during 2004, but has not yet passed the Senate. 3
bullet 2005-DEC-19: IN: Indianapolis city council to vote on Human Rights Ordinance: The Indianapolis and Marion County City-County Council will vote on a new ordinance that would protect persons of all sexual orientations -- heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual -- as well as persons of all gender identities. A number of other cities in Indiana have sexual-orientation ordinances, but this one goes further by imposing sanctions on businesses that are found in violation. 4
bullet 2005-DEC-20: IN: Indianapolis council passes ordinance: Proposal 622 was passed by a vote of 15 to 14. This reverses the 11 to 18 defeat last April. All but two Republicans voted against the proposal; all but two Democrats voted in favor. 5
bullet 2005-DEC-29: CA: Expelled students sue private Christian school: Two 16-year-old female students were expelled from California Lutheran High School because the administration suspects that they are lesbians. Their attorney, Kirk D. Hanson, said that the expulsion traumatized and humiliated them: "Their entire support network was pulled out from under them because of suspicions about their sexual orientation." They have launched a lawsuit in Riverside County Superior Court, asking for unspecified damages and an injunction to prevent the school from excluding students with a homosexual orientation. According to the Associated Press, principal Gregory Bork allegedly "...grilled them on their sexual orientation and 'coerced' one girl into saying she loved the other." In a letter to the parents, Bork allegedly admitted that officials had seen no physical contact between the students. However he allegedly said that their relationship was "uncharacteristic of normal girl relationships and more characteristic of a lesbian one." 6

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In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. sec 107: The news items contained in the above hyperlinks are provided without profit by the Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance, PO Box 128, Watertown, NY, 13601, USA, and are intended to be available to anyone interested in the topics included, for educational purposes only. Any editor, author, Webmaster, writer, publisher, news service, etc. that objects to being part of this listing may request that future works be excluded. We will also attempt to delete previous entries from the same source.

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Originally written: 2005-OCT-22
Latest update: 2015-DEC-02
Compiler: B.A. Robinson

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