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The LDS Restorationist movement


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
(a.k.a. the LDS Church & the
Mormon Church) & homosexuality

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bullet "Physical orientation and sexual orientation are not moral issues, and majority / minority phenomena in nature do not involve natural versus unnatural categories. The exceptional in nature is still natural, whether the exception is left-handedness or the homosexual orientation of erotic desire." D. Michael Quinn, an ex-Mormon and former professor at Brigham Young University.

bullet "Being gay in ... [the Mormon] culture is beyond hell I wanted to be cured so badly. The family is the center of Mormonism -- it is the sacred, potent unit. It is a great failure that family can only be the family almost by the Ozzie and Harriet definition, and anything outside that is not family at all." Trevor Southey, an artist.

bullet"The only marriage sanctioned by God is of a man to a woman. In the case of a gay person, they really have no hope. And to live life without hope on such a core issue I think is a very difficult thing." Marlin Jensen, official LDS historian.

bullet"Homosexuality Is sin: Next to the crime of murder comes the sin of sexual impurity." Excerpt from a 2002 Mormon pamphlet.

bullet "We do not intend to admit to our campus any homosexuals. If any of you have this tendency and have not completely abandoned it, may I suggest that you leave the university immediately after this assembly. ... We do not want others on this campus to be contaminated by your presence." Ernest Wilkinson, president of Brigham Young University, in a 1965 lecture to the BYU student body, titled: "Make Honor your Standard."

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Topics covered in this section:

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  • star2015-NOV: The LDS church amends its policies, negatively affecting both the LGBT community and their children:

    • Part 1: The Church makes a major policy change, discriminating against same-sex couples and their children:
    • Part 2: Does the Church's new policy violate one of the Church's own Articles of Faith, by scapegoating innocent children?

    • Part 3: How the Church's new policies affect the children of same-sex parents. Some critical remarks about these policies.

    • Part 4: More negative -- & some neutral -- remarks concerning the Church's new policies about LGBT couples and their children.

    • Part 5: Webmaster's posting to an article in The Blaze. Video released explaining LDS' policy changes.

    • Part 6: Protesters hold rally near Temple Square. Still more reactions to the LDS' policy changes. Mass resignations of LDS Church members.

    • Part 7: Probable Mayor-elect of Salt Lake City comments. Still more reactions to the LDS' policy changes.

    • Part 8: Still more reactions to the LDS' policy changes. Mass resignations of LDS Church members. Changes to church handbook "clarified."

    • Note: This web site has an extensive section dealing with scapegoating. This is the transferability of sin -- punishing the innocent for the sins of the guilty. Examples of scapegoating are found from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, including in the Ten Commandments. Reading these sections may bring some clarity to the above decision of the LDS church.

  • Affirmation support group; more information; books

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Latest update: 2015-NOV-12
Author: B.A. Robinson

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