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Beliefs about the origins & development of species, etc.


17 indicators that evolution of the
species didn't happen, with rebuttals

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Almost all biologists and many other scientists believe that the theory of evolution is a fact -- that species evolved over a long period of time. Only about 5% of all scientists argue for the creation of all present-day species (and of all the species seen only in fossils) in one week, about 4000 to 10000 BCE. This small minority of scientists are almost entirely evangelical Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, literally interpreted where possible. Among those scientists who specialize in biology or geology, the percentage of believers in creation of a young earth drops to less than 1%.

Many dozens of "proofs" that evolution never happened have been put forth by creation scientists. These indicators have been well circulated among scientists. All have been easily refuted by them.

If such a proof existed, it would be the discovery of the century! It would disprove the entire structure of evolution of the species. It might even disprove scientists' understanding of the origin and history of the earth itself, of its life forms and of the rest of the universe.The theory of evolution has been laboriously pieced together over more than a century. Any scientist who was able to disprove evolution would be a shoo-in for the next Nobel Prize, and would receive world-wide fame. It seems obvious that very few scientists could resist such fame and economic rewards; he or she would publish an article immediately and wait by the phone for the Nobel Prize committee to call. But, although tens or hundreds of thousands of scientists are familiar with these "proofs" by creation scientists, no scientist has ever come forward and published a proof in a peer-reviewed journal.

We receive many E-mails which contain "proofs" that evolution is a false theory. After investigation, all seem to be based on misunderstandings of generally accepted scientific beliefs. If you believe that you have one, please Email us.

All of the "proofs" listed in the following three essays are paraphrased from the original Emails.

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Some indicators, with rebuttals, in this section:

Part 1: Indicators 1 to 7:

  • Human footprints found inside of dinosaur footprints
  • Evolution has never been observed
  • Evolution would cause all land animals to be like giraffes
  • Growth rate of human societies
  • Pre-human fossils
  • Neanderthals didn't exist
  • Cro-Magnon (a.k.a. Early Modern Human or EMH) vs. Homo Sapiens brain capacity

Part 2: Indicators 8 to 12:

  • Fossils of extinct proto-humans
  • Long "extinct" Agraptalyte fish found
  • Transitional species missing from the fossil record
  • Survival of previous species
  • The genome cannot increase in complexity; microevolution vs. macroevolution

Part 3: Indicators 13 to 17:

  • Organic material cannot come from inorganic; thus evolution could not have started up.
  • Second law of thermodynamics:
  • Missing geological column
  • Inter-species mating
  • Missing proof

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Copyright © 1996 to 2010 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Last updated: 2010-NOV-16
Author: B.A. Robinson
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