Day of Remembrance of the evils of slavery
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"A Day of Remembrance" 

of slavery

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The following is an open letter from the Israelite Nation (Atlanta) to the president of the United States. It promotes an annual Day of Remembrance of slavery.

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July 10, 1998

The Office of the President of the USA

Washington, DC.

Dear Mr. President:

The Israelite Nation (Atlanta) is dedicated to finding the solution to the problem facing the descendants of slavery. Consequently, we hereby propose 'A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE' of our captivity and enslavement to this great Nation, which has taken on the most powerful and global responsibility, as the father of democracy to the world.

We believe that it is time that America, and the world recognize our dilemma; and Mr. President, we are not asking for mules nor land in this letter, but for this nation's recognition. We need a time of personal soul-searching and reflection. A time to reflect and remember our own holocaust!

1. The Day of Remembrance should be held on August 24,1998, and thence annually during the latter days of August. This event should be observed by all the descendants of former bondmen and bondwomen, as we call to mind the beginning of our captivity and bondage in this country. All other Americans, who understand that this nation was built on the foundation of slavery, should also observe this day.

2. None can deny that at Jamestown, Virginia, during the latter days of August 1619, the captain of a Dutch ship sold about 20 "Nigers" to the Governor of Cape Marchant.

3. Why were these "Nigers", and others since them, held captives in this "land of the free" and sold for bondmen and bondwomen? Since this bondage has negatively impacted every aspect of our lives, even to this day, it is imperative that we all understand it and explain it to our children, including our neighbour's children. Only then could our youths break the yoke of oppression and despair, ending our 400 years of poverty, both spiritual and physical.

4. How is it that the American, who drafted the "Declaration of Independence" in 1775, boldly stating "that all men are created equal", himself died a slave owner? Why did he not set the slaves free, even in his will? Was it because the slaves were not considered to be men? If this declaration thereby formed the corner stone of this nation, does it mean that this nation is built on a foundation of lies and deception?

5. How is it that in 1857, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court could declare that a black man was inferior, and that "it was too clear for dispute that the enslaved African race was not intended to be included" in the proclamation that all men were created equal? He even added that the black man "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect".

6. On July 29, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson issued his Executive Order #11365, which authorized a special commission, headed by Mr. Otto Kerner, Governor of Illinois, to investigate the causes of violence and civil disorder in America. The Commission concluded that:

bulletthere are two nations in America - "one black, one white; separate and unequal"
bullet"white racism is responsible" for the decay of this nation
bulletAmerica maintained a yoke of iron around the neck of the black man, which is still violently repressive in every way.

7. On May 10, 1997, at Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Ralph Reed, the former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition, was reported as saying that Christianity was responsible for "Jim Crow" and segregation in America. For these evils he blamed "the white evangelical church", while calling for repentance and hoping for forgiveness from black America.

Mr. President, we have witnessed the German unification; the Chinese return to Hong Kong; and the restoration of various Eastern European nations. What we are proposing is much easier! Also, we are still being reminded of the four-year Jewish holocaust every day and in every way in our society. We ask that you compare our centuries of murder, rape, whipping, and lynching, which occurred under the cold umbrella of disrespect for this race of people. Is our cause not a worthwhile opportunity to advance the healing of this nation?

We therefore appeal to the competent authorities, through your presidential office, to treat this matter with some degree of urgency and importance. Thus, there will be no need for the world to ask, when our voting rights expire in the year 2007: Is the leading nation of democracy pregnant again with new plans for enslavement?

We urgently await your reply on this matter.

Yours Respectfully,

Michael Hinds

The Israelite Nation

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