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Climate Change: Part 37.

2020-JUN & JUL: New Jersey becomes the first state to have
climate change taught throughout public school.
First town above the Arctic Circle exceeds 100 degrees F!
Coming crisis for coastal homeowners in Florida.
U.S. Federal Democratic party issues climate goals.
The party proposes plan to eliminate greenhouse
gasses by the year 2050!
Canada's last intact ice shelf collapsed

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This topic is continued here from the previous essay

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New Jersey will teach about global warming in all grade levels:

New Jersey's First Lady, Tammy Murphy, joined with 130 educators to create the course content. New Jersey has recently been suffering from the level of the Atlantic ocean rising, their rivers rising, and their cities overheating, algal blooms in its lakes, receding shore lines. The class will include reasons why the Earth is warming up and what can be done to mitigate it.

She said:

"This generation of students will feel the effects of climate change more than any other, and it is critical that every student is provided an opportunity to study and understand the climate crisis through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary lens."

She also said:

"The adoption of these standards is much more than an added educational requirement; it is a symbol of a partnership between generations,” she said. “Decades of short-sighted decision-making has fueled this crisis and now we must do all we can to help our children solve it.

The generation of students will feel the effects of climate change more than any other, and it is critical that every student is provided an opportunity to study and understand the climate crisis through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary lens." .

Governor Phil Murphy released his proposal for the state to abandon all fossil fuels and reach 100% clean energy by the year 2050. This is needed to lower the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The presence of such gazes prevents the Earth's heat from dissipating into space.

He issued a statement saying:

"“By incorporating these standards into the nation’s number one public education system, we are creating a catalyst and knowledge base for new green jobs and teaching our children to become leaders who will propel New Jersey forward to 100 percent clean energy by 2050."

The courses will include seven topics: 

  • 21st-century life and careers;
  • Comprehensive health and physical education;
  • Science;
  • Social studies;
  • Technology;
  • Visual and performing arts; and
  • World languages.

The MSN article states that: "More than 80 percent of parents polled agreed that their children should be learning about climate change. 1,2

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2020-JUN-20: Siberian town attains new temperature high:

The town Verkhoyansk is located just North of the Arctic circle in Siberia. It has a population of about 1,300. It became the first urban area above the Arctic Circle to exceed 100 degrees F (86 degrees C). Several weather stations reported a new high of 100.4 F. One result of the high temperatures during 2020 have been wildfires. 31 of them are burning through almost a million acres of land near Verkhoyansk. Elsewhere in Siberia, permafrost has been melting. In one location, it caused the ground to sink underneath several oil tanks, causing leaks. 3

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2020-JUL-15: Coming crisis for coastal homeowners in Florida:

Coral Gables, FL has 47 miles of coastline and coastal property valued at $3.5 billion. Mayor Jim Cason is concerned that global warming is causing the ocean level to rise, and will soon block boats from going under bridges in order to dock inland. The first time that a boat mast fails to clear the bottom of one of these bridges, he expects that lending institutions will probably refuse to issue mortgages on coastal homes, causing house values to sink rapidly.

Over the past 28 years, the sea levels have risen about four inches.

Cristopher Flavelle, writing for GetPocket.com said:

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts sea levels will rise as much as three feet in Miami by 2060. By the end of the century, according to projections by Zillow, some 934,000 existing Florida properties, worth more than $400 billion, are at risk of being submerged." 4

Laura Reynolds is the former executive director of the Tropical Audubon Society, Miami’s oldest environmental group; she’s lived in her house in Cutler Bay, an hour’s drive south of Miami, for 13 years. She said she had once hoped to pass it on to her niece or nephew, but now plans to sell.

“The future of our coastline is completely doomed,” Reynolds said. “The question is, how long will we have?” 4

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2020-JUL-24: U.S. Federal Democratic party issues climate goals:

It calls for the U.S. to attain:

  • Carbon-free power by 2035.

  • Net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

  • Imposition of a "carbon adjustment fee" on imports from countries that are not meeting their Paris climate agreement obligations."

  • Increase the number of electric charging stations from 26,000 to 500,000 by 2036 .

  • Rejoin the Paris climate agreement.

  • The document states:

    "We must lead the world in taking on the climate crisis, not deny the science and accelerate the damage. The last four years have seen record-breaking storms, devastating wildfires, and historic floods.”

    “Democrats will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and go further, building a thriving, equitable, and globally competitive clean energy economy that puts workers and communities first, and leaves no one behind." 5

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Late 2020-JUL: Canada's last intact ice shelf collapsed:

During July 30 or 31, about 43% of Canada's last intact ice shelf partly collapsed due to global warming. It was part of the Milne Ice Shelf on the northwestern edge of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut -- the northernmost populated location in Canada and the world's tenth largest island. Ellesmere Island is immediately to the west of northern Greenland.

Two giant icebergs and many smaller ones, drifted away. The largest iceberg is almost the size of Manhattan -- (55 square kilometers or 21 square miles). The remaining ice shelf was reduced from 187 square kilometers to 106 square kilometers. (72 square miles to 41 square miles.) University of Ottawa glaciology professor, Luke Copland, said: "Without a doubt, it’s climate change. The Milne was very special. It’s an amazingly pretty location." 6

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This topic continues in the next article.

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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Copyright © 2020 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2020-SEP-29
Author: B.A. Robinson

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