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Personal observations:

Throughout this web site, we attempt to explain all sides to each topic. This is one of the few exceptions. Here, I express my own opinions.

I viewed the movie on the afternoon of 2003-FEB-26, one day after it first opened in North America. My thoughts:

bulletI was distressed at the number of mothers who appear to have taken their young children out of school and brought them to view the movie. I feel that young children should not be exposed to that level of violence and abuse. My opinion is that taking a young child to the movie is a form of child abuse. I realize that many people disagree with this position.
bulletAfter reading media reviews of the movie, I was expecting audible emotional reactions from the audience. None occurred.
bulletThere was an excessive emphasis on extreme violence, blood and gore in the movie. That amount of pain, cruelty, and injury was, in my opinion, unwarranted and not in accordance with the historical events as they probably happened.
bulletThe movie went way beyond the Gospels. They portrayed Pilate as a very compassionate and kind person.
bulletI was distressed at the portrayal of Jews in the movie. The Temple leadership appeared to be motivated by pure hatred of Yeshua. The common folk appeared to act like an unruly mob. I thought that the morphing of two young Jewish boys into demons was an anti-semitic image.
bulletThere were many scenes that were invented by the playwrights, and did not come from the Bible. There were many events within biblical scenes that were similarly invented. I suspect that many people will believe that the movie is an accurate portrayal of real events. They will, for example, believe that Mary, the mother of Yeshua, actually helped him when he was dragging the cross through the Jerusalem streets, that Satan appeared throughout the passion, that the scourging was accurately portrayed, etc.
bulletI was surprised by the many historical inaccuracies in the movie.
bulletMy main thought after leaving the movie was how little we have progressed since the first century CE. Some countries still execute people.
bulletThe one thought that dwelled in my mind for hours afterwards was the realization that Yeshua's experience was far from unique. Many many thousands of humans -- mainly rebellious slaves, insurrectionists, and terrorists -- during the Roman era went through the same experience of being tortured to death on the stake/cross.
bulletI fear that this movie will be used in much of the world to promote anti-semitism.

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Copyright © 2004 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2004-FEB-24
Latest update: 2004-MAR-2
Author: B.A. Robinson

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