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Urban legends, pious frauds, forgeries,
conspiracy theories, relics, etc.;

Most are Christian.

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Urban legends are stories of events that never happened. Christian Urban Legends are stories of events that never happened but have a Christian theme. They are generally created by a individual or group as a fictional account because they give concrete support to their religious beliefs or perceived threats. It is important to realize that most people of all faiths reject the validity of these stories. They probably look upon them with amusement.


bullet"The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a person only tells them with all his might." Mark Twain.
bullet"...the Christian community needs to become more vigilant in not just halting these rumors, but even running truthful accounts back in the direction from where they emerge." Focus on the Family, 1999-AUG-4 1
bulletIt doesn't matter whether inaccurate information is intentionally or accidentally put in our paths, we have the obligation to know that something is accurate before we repeat it. And it doesn't matter whether the slander is directed at friends or enemies." John Tartaro.

Links to other essays in this section:

bulletOverview of Christian Urban Legends (CULs) This is an important essay to read first.

bulletIndividual legends from various sources which never happened:
bulletSix hoaxes exposed by Institute for Creation Research (ICR): Darwin's deathbed confession; missing day of Joshua, Janet Reno and Christianity, etc.
bulletFour more hoaxes exposed by the ICR: Hell hole, Noah's ark, Procter & Gamble's Satanic connection, etc.
bulletCUL hoaxes involving Christian leaders: Crucified Santa Claus, Jesus porno film, George W Bush evangelizing, Luther legends, etc.
bullet A message allegedly from Yahweh said to have been found in human DNA
bulletOther CUL hoaxes: About the Nazi Holocaust, Bible codes, modern-day Jonah, Gay violence, etc.
bullet A message allegedly from Yahweh said to have been found in human DNA

Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog Day: About a groundhog's annual prophecy of the end of winter.

bulletMore CUL hoaxes: Stairway to hell, human/dinosaur footprints, reparative therapy, teeth fillings turning to gold, etc.
bulletStill more CUL hoaxes: Religious broadcasting ban, angel bodyguards, Harry Potter' and Satanism, etc.
bulletThe case of the non-sentient fetus reaching out to his surgeon.
bulletDid Einstein prove that God exists?
bulletStories that may be urban legends: Weighing a soul, relocated church, Coca Cola' and the Mormons.
bulletEven more CUL hoaxes: These deal with the Harry Potter' series of children's literature.
bullet"So help me God" at swearing-in ceremonies and in legal documents
bullet Three more urban legends

bullet Conspiracy theories about the death of Justice Antonin Scalia

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bulletMajor continuing beliefs -- some lasting for centuries -- which are hoaxes:
bulletBackmasking Strange messages on music recordings, often urging suicide
bulletThe dreaded implantable-chip and an end to privacy
bullet Satanic Ritual Abuse - probably the most serious urban legend currently believed by some Christians and others.
bulletBlood libel, host desecration, ritual murder, the "Protocols." and other largely anti-semitic fables These were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews, and helped lay the foundation for the Nazi Holocaust
bulletHidden codes in the Bible
bulletHalloween: Evangelical Christian beliefs vs. Neopagan beliefs.
bulletThe myth of Samhain: The Celtic "God of the Dead."
bullet Bible-related forgeries and hoaxes:
bulletThe Jehoash/Joash inscription -- Now determined to be a fake.
bulletThe Ossuary of James, the brother of Jesus -- Now determined to be a forgery.
bulletChurch artifacts with miraculous powers:
bulletThe Shroud of Turin -- A work of religious art, an actual relic, or a forgery? Its nature is hotly debated.
bulletWeeping/bleeding statues
bulletNon-Christian urban folk tales:
bulletThe UK Holocaust education hoax.

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  1. "Urban myths within the Christian community," CitizenLink, Focus on the Family, at:
  2. LDS Internet hoaxes and Mormon urban legends," at:

Lists of urban legends on the Internet:

bulletGreg Hartman's column "Christian Humor: Christian Urban Legends" on' at:
bulletUrban Myths by Rich Buhler at "Ship of fools: The magazine of Christian unrest," at: 
bulletThe Yahoo search engine: "Urban Legends and Folklore," at:

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Creation date: 1999-APR-5
Last update: 2017-AUG-17
Author: B.A. Robinson
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