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From: "The World Peace Prophecies: The Unification of Science,
Religion, and Humanity
," donated by its author, Monte Benson


The Age of the Earth and the Science of Genesis 1:

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Harmonizing science and the Bible:

The vast majority of fundamentalists, other evangelicals, and many mainline Christians believe in a young earth, whose age is less than 12,000 years.

There is close to a concensus among scientists, secularists, religious liberals, etc. that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old that the universe is 13.7 billion years ago.

The ratio between these two estimates of the age of the earth is roughly comparable to the ratio between the thickness of one sheet of printer paper and half the length of a football field. 1

Author Monte Benson has attempted to show that, properly interpreted, Genesis 1 can be harmonized with the findings of science. The proof is found in Chapter 4 of his book: "The World Peace Prophecies: The Unification of Science, Religion, and Humanity."

This chapter is reproduced here:

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Topics covered in this section:

  • Proofs that the Earth is much older than 12,000 years:

    • Part 1:  Mainstream Science and the Bible Actually Agree.  Why should I believe your interpretation of Genesis 1?  Do young-earth proponents use scientific principles?  Has the speed of light decayed?  Astronomical Distances.  Radiometric Decay Rates.

    • Part 2:  Did light shine everywhere instantaneously at creation? The fallacies of the white hole theory for a Young Earth. Varves Proven to be yearly layers disprove young-Earth creationism. More on sedimentary layers: Proof the Earth is millions of years old. Ice-core dating: more evidence against young-Earth creationism.

    • Part 3:  River Channels and Impact Craters. Hydrodynamic Sorting and Differential Mobility? Dust on the Moon. Recession of the Moon:

    • Part 4:  Is the Sun Shrinking? Sediment Deposits and Minerals in the Ocean: Falsehoods Exposed. Helium in the Atmosphere: More ‘Hot Air’. What About the Decay of Earth’s Magnetic Field? The Final Proof Against Young-Earth Creationism.

  • Harmonizing science and Genesis 1:

    • Part 5:  Genesis 1: The Meaning of ‘Day.’ The Creation Week and Science.

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Note added by this web site's webmaster:

The ratio between the age of the universe:

  • as estimated by most conservative Christians according to the content of Genesis 1 and
  • as generaly accepted among scientists

is about equal to the ratio between the thickness of one sheet of printer paper and 1.5 times the length of a football fields. That is quite a gap to resolve!

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Originally posted: 2012-OCT-13
Latest update: 2019-FEB-24
Author: Monte Benson
Source: "The World Peace Prophecies: The Unification of Science, Religion, and Humanity,"
Chapter 4, at:
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