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2020-NOVEMBER-10 to 20

Part 35 of "Conflicts During
President Trump's Administration"

Biden expected to win the election.
Trump lost support among conservative Christians.

Judges reject Trump's lawsuits re: vote counting.
Some public demonstrations become violent.
77% of Trump supporters believe that Joe Biden
won because of voter fraud!

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2020-NOV-10: Jennifer Rubin, writing for the Washington Post, said:

"Six pre-election and seven post-election lawsuits by the Trump camp have all been tossed out. They are, as President-elect Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said, 'noise.' Campaign counsel Bob Bauer cautioned that what is going on is 'theatrics, not lawsuits.' Judges have described claims that the mail-in ballot system is rife with fraud as 'fiction' or entirely based on speculation. None of the allegations about excluded poll watchers have been supported by facts. None of the social media memes about changed ballots or other shenanigans have stood up in court." 30

However, as one would expect, President Trump is receiving support from many of his fellow faithful Republicans. 30

Who does the public believe won the Presidential election?

A Reuters/Ipsos poll, which was conducted from NOV-07 to 10, found that 79% of U.S. adults believe that Joe Biden is headed towards a win of the NOV-03 election. (This includes about 60% of all Republicans and almost 100% of all Democrats.) Only 3% believe that Trump won, 13% believe that the election has not yet been decided, and 5% said they didn't know. 31

With results in 3 states incomplete, Biden is heading towards 279 Electoral College votes compared with Trump's 214. (270 votes are required to win.) Biden received 76.3 million votes to Trump's 71.6 million -- a difference of 4.7 million votes in favor of Biden.

2020-NOV-11: Trump campaign has lost some support among evangelical Christian and Roman Catholic voters:

Shortly before election day, senior Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp, a Roman Catholic, predicted:

"You can look at the polls but at the end of the day, the president will perform very well with Catholic voters because he has delivered for them in so many ways."

But when 2020 election votes were analyzed, surveys of early voters and exit polls revealed that conservative Christian voters may have lessened their support enough to cause Trump to lose some Rust Belt states.

  • During the 2016 election, Donald Trump had a 33 point margin over Hillary Clinton among Catholic voters! In 2020, this dropped to 15 percentage points!

  • Among white evangelical Christians, the margin was much less: about 80% in 2016 to 77% in 2020, a drop of 3 percentage points. Still, any loss is a matter of concern to conservative Christians.

Josh Dickson, the faith engagement director for the Biden campaign said:

"In the Midwest, we saw gains that in a number of ways outpaced our margin of victory. The reason we won in these key states is because of the coalition we built. I think the work we did to engage evangelicals and Catholics undoubtedly helped us get there.”

White evangelicals make up about 35% of the electorate in Georgia. Exit polls in that state shows that evangeical support for Democratic candidates almost tripled. It grew by 9 percentage points: from 5 percentage points in 2016 to 14 in 2020. Michael Wear, a former faith adviser in the Obama administration, said:

"It’s just an unbelievable swing. He basically tripled Clinton’s numbers with white evangelicals. To be clear, if Biden would have performed as poorly as Clinton did four years ago among white evangelicals, he would have lost Georgia and this election!"

Gabby Orr said that the Biden campaign:

"... ran ads on Christian radio, solicited endorsements from prominent Catholic and evangelical figures, weaved faith-based themes into the party’s virtual convention in July and nearly every major speech Biden delivered. It hosted weekly devotionals, cultivated prayer groups and built interfaith and denomination-specific coalitions — all with the goal of making sure religious Americans felt their votes mattered personally to the Democratic nominee."

Josh Dickson, the National Faith Engagement director at the Biden campaign, said:

"We very much anchored our faith outreach around three priorities: Making people of faith feel valued and respected by this campaign. Making sure people of faith knew we were directly asking for their votes and making the affirmative case for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as opposed to just the case against Donald Trump." 25

The Reuters/Ipsos poll has found that almost 80% of U.S. adults believe that Joe Biden has won the Presidency in the NOV-03 election. 31

On NOV-10, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed his belief that Donald Trump won the election. He said that:

"There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

2020-NOV-12: The State department refuses to pass-on telephone calls to Joe Biden:

When a new U.S. president is elected in the U.S., the State Department traditionally passes messages on to the president elect. Many come from political leader around the world. However, the State Department has prohibited Joe Biden from accessing these messages, which number in the dozens.

2020-NOV-13: Sexual and reproductive health programs:

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to reverse several past executive actions by President Trump related to sexual and reproductive health programs. President Trump's past executive actions included:

  • those that allowed more employers to opt out of ObamaCare's contraceptive mandate.

  • Preserving the Mexico City policy that banned the use of federal family planning dollars by domestic and foreign organizations that provide abortions, promote abortions, or provide information about abortions.

Zara Ahmed, the associate director of federal issues at Guttmacher Institute, said that the:

"Biden administration has been clear [that] three of its main priorities are the economy, addressing COVID and racial inequality in the U.S. ... Sexual and reproductive health is tied to all three of those issues." 32

2020-NOV-13: Trump wins North Carolina. Biden wins Georgia and -- barring a recount -- he almost certainly wins the presidency:

The vote counting was completed in the last state. Barring an error in the count in one or more states, this leaves Joe Biden with 306 electoral votes and Donald Trump with 232 votes. NBC News was first to call s, followed by ABC, CNN and CBS. 33 Barring an error uncovered during a state's recount, or a massive disruption in the electoral college vote, this should be the final score. Joe Biden is well over the 270 votes needed to win. If past votes by the electoral college are any indication, he will become the next president of the United States.

2020-NOV-14: Pro-Trump protests become violent:

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters protested the election results in Washington DC, saying  "Stop the Steal" and "Count Every Vote." Some fought with counter-demonstrators. There was at least one stabbing and twenty arrests. Protests were also held in other cities.

In contrast, Microsoft News reported that:

"A broad coalition of top government and industry officials has declared that the Nov. 3 voting and the following count unfolded smoothly with no more than the usual minor hiccups — 'the most secure in American history,' they said, repudiating Trump's efforts to undermine the integrity of the contest.

In Delray Beach, Florida, several hundred people marched, some carrying signs reading “Count every vote” and “We cannot live under a Marxist government.” In Lansing, Michigan, protesters gathered at the Capitol to hear speakers cast doubt on results that showed Biden winning the state by more than 140,000 votes. Phoenix police estimated 1,500 people gathered outside the Arizona Capitol to protest Biden's narrow victory in the state. Protesters in Salem, Oregon, gathered at the Capitol. ..." 35

2020-NOV-15: Mary Trump criticized her uncle's actions about the presidential election:

She said on the Rosemary Barton Live TV program that her uncle is "deliberately" refusing to concede the election and provide a smooth transition to president-elect Biden. She said:

"He's going to drag this out for as long as he's allowed to. He's stoking his followers into acts of violence. He's deliberately impeding the incoming administration."

Earlier, for the first time, he appeared to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the election.

On Sunday he said that he conceded "nothing" He tweeted:

"He [Biden] won because the Election was Rigged"

and later tweeted:

"He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!" 36

2020-NOV-16: Judges' reaction to President Trump's legal claims about ballot counting:

President Trump's lawyers have filed more than 20 legal challenges in several states, and have called for recounts in others. 37

ABC News reported:

"In court hearings and opinions around the country, judges are voicing ... frustrations with the Trump campaign's legal filings to a degree rarely seen in venues where political rhetoric is generally unwelcome. ..."

"Judge after judge after judge has asked, in essence, 'Where is the beef?'," said Karl Racine, the attorney general for the District of Columbia and a frequent Trump critic, in a call with reporters Friday. We have seen numerous instances where affidavits have been filed … only to be immediately pulled back once tested in state and federal court. I would not be surprised that if these baseless allegations continue, judges will begin to threaten and indeed issue sanctions." 38

2020-NOV-20: Georgia officials have recounted the votes in their state:

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that his office is set to certify election results that would formally declare Joe Biden to be the winner in the state. Biden is expected to win the state by more than 12,000 votes out of about five million cast. Every ballot was re-tallied by hand. During the process, they found ballots that were not initially counted or not uploaded correctly. When these ballots were included, Biden's margin shrank by about 1,400 votes.

Once the vote is certified, Donald Trump's campaign can still request a recount. But it would be unlikely to change the result in the state. 39

2020-NOV-20: Public opinion about President Trump is improving:

President Trump has challenged voting results in over 25 cases to date. He has lost all but one of them, so far.

A Monmouth University poll, released on NOV-18, found that:

  • 32% of U.S. adults believe that Biden won as a result of voter fraud.

  • 77% of Trump supporters agree.

Reuters interviewed 50 adults from different states who had voted for Trump. The voters all reported that:

"... they believed the election was rigged or in some way illegitimate."

Some said that they were boycotting Fox News and switching over to Newsmax, One American News Network, and other information services which have been supporting Trump's claims of voter fraud.

David Gergen and Caroline Cohen, writing for Microsoft News, said:

"... in the court of public opinion, [Trump and his team] ... have made startling progress — progress that could threaten President-elect Joe Biden's capacity to govern and even our democracy itself. ... Never before has the opposition undermined the legitimacy of a new [U.S.] president before he has even taken office to anything like this degree or in this fashion. ..."

"Most of all, those of us who proclaim our love for country need to step up, reaching out to others who don't think like us, don't look like us, and don't like our politics. America belongs to all of us, including the millions of our neighbors who voted for Trump." 40


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Copyrighted © 2020 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Author: B.A. Robinson
Latest update: 2021-JAN-28

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