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The Creativity Movement

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Symbol of the Creativity Movement

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The Creativity Movement was formerly called the "World Church of the Creator1  (W.C.O.T.C.) until it lost a trademark infringement suit.

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Please be aware that this essay is NOT written by The Creativity Movement.  If you want to write a letter to that Church, send it to, not to us.

This essay is on the web site, which describes many dozens of different faith groups. We feel that the public needs to learn the full range of beliefs and practices of all major religious groups in North America. This includes religions based on bigotry, racial hatred and white supremacy such as this group.

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The Creativity Movement (TCM) is a non-Christian, non-profit, religious organization, with their head office in Illinois. 3 They have 24 regional and local branches. 4 They have members "all over the world." They promote the religion of "Creativity, based on the eternal laws of nature." Their prime objective is: "The survival, expansion and advancement of the white race."

They regard themselves as being motivated by a love for the white race. This implies extreme hatred of non-white races. They are overwhelmingly hate-filled towards Jews, African-Americans, and other non-whites. They hate homosexual behavior. However their concern in this area appears to be muted in comparison to other white-supremacist organizations.

U.S. District Judge Joan H. Lefkow ruled in 2002-NOV that the TCM violated the copyright of a Christian organization in Oregon, the Church of the Creator 1 by copying their name. 5 The TCM leader, white supremacist Matt Hale, is suing Judge Lefkow because of her decision. On 2003-JAN-8, Hale was arrested and accused of conspiring to kill Judge Lefkow. 6 Judge Lefkow ruled on 2003-APR-24 that the TCM had failed to stop using the name World Church of the Creator and should be fined $1,000 a day until it complies.

The founder, Matthew Hale, was sentenced to 40 years in prison for conspiring to murder Judge Joan Lefkow. Her husband and mother were allegedly murdered on 2005-FEB-28 by a man unrelated to Hale and the Creativity Movement. He was angry at a malpractice ruling the Judge Lefkow had made.

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Topics covered in this section:


Introduction: Church history, symbols, and beliefs


Church practices


The violent history of TCM.

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  1. According to the Church of the Creator's web site at:,  "CHURCH OF THE CREATOR®, DIVINE RIGHT ORDER® and URI® are registered trademarks of TE-TA-MA TRUTH FOUNDATION - FAMILY OF URI® INC. © 1977-2002. All Rights Reserved."

  2. Ben Klassen, "On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War," (1993), Page 375.

  3. TCM has an official home page at: Their address is P.O. Box 2002, East Peoria, IL, 61611. Telephone: (309) 699-0135 E-Mail: 

  4. "Church sites for a new era of evolution" at

  5. "Supremacist disagrees with ruling, sues judge," 2002-DEC-27, Peoria Journal Star, at:

  6. Steve Warmbir & Scott Fornek, "White supremacist arrested in plot to kill judge," Chicago Sun-Times, 2003-JAN-8, at:

  7. Mike Robinson, "White Supremacist Group Fined $1,000 a Day," Kansas City Star, 2003-APR-24, at: 

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Latest update: 2010-DEC-27
Author: B.A. Robinson

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