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Christian faith groups


About the Roman Catholic Church

Why do we use the term "Roman Catholic" instead of "Catholic"?

We do this to avoid confusion. Most Christian faith groups acknowledge the Nicene Creed and thus regard themselves as "Catholic," at least as far as being part of the "catholic and apostolic church." Within any one given faith group, the meaning of the term "Catholic" is relatively clear. But our site deals with all Christian denominations and all other religions. To assure clarity and to avoid ambiguity, we use the term "Roman Catholic" when referring to the church headed by the pope in the Vatican. We use similar terms (e.g. Evangelical Catholic, Anglo-Catholic, Old Catholic) when referring to some other Christian faith groups. 

We often use the abbreviation RCC to refer to the Roman Catholic Church. This saves wear and tear on your eyeballs and on our fingers.

Locating RCC information on this site:

We have many dozens of essays on this web site that discuss ethical, moral, spiritual, and religious topics from a Christian perspective. Many include information on the beliefs and practices of the RCC. Our internal search engine might help you locate information on a specific topic.

Locating RCC information on the rest of the Internet:

You might find the following Catholic information sources to be helpful:


"star "20 Answers Series Sampler" is a series of 32 books, each covering a single belief within the RCC. Titles include: "End of Life Issues," "Abortion," "Divorce and Remarriage," "God," etc. See: Books can be purchased singly, or as various groups of five books, or as a group of all 32 books.

bulletBiblical Evidence for Catholicism, at:

bulletCatholic Answers, at:

bulletCatholic Encyclopedia, at:

bulletCatholic Information Network (CIN) at:

bulletCatholic News Agency (CNA) at:

bulletCatholic Online at:

bulletCatholiCity, at: at:

bullet Catholic Apologetics, at:

bulletEWTN global Catholic Network at

bulletThe Holy See, at:

bulletSt. Michael's Question & Answer Forum gives "the public an opportunity to ask questions about the Catholic Faith. Any area is permissible." See:

bulletFish Eaters -- the whys and hows of traditional Catholicism at:

Additional Catholic websites, are listed elsewhere on this website.

If you are a single person, you might find the following group of interest:

bullet is a dating site serving only Catholics. They have more than ten thousand members with informative profiles. Join now for friendship, marriage and religious discernment

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Topics covered in this section:

Related menus on this web site:

bulletHistory of the Christian Church as seen by the RCC and others
bulletEcumenical efforts with Anglicans, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestants

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Books about the Roman Catholic Church and its beliefs:

The online book store,, has located the following books on the Catholic Church from its inventory. You can buy books and other material from Amazon, in safety: If you see a generic ad here, please click on your browser's refresh icon.

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Originally written: 2000-SEP-12
Latest update: 2019-FEB-12
Author: B.A. Robinson

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