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Information about the web site
and the people who maintain it:

Information about this website:

bullet Our Statement of Beliefs

About us:

  • Part 1: Some quotations. OCRT purposes.

  • Part 2: Our core beliefs, biases, and rules of engagement.

  • Part 3: How we got started. Site growth. Other "OCRT's" in the world. Who are the people in the group?

  • Part 4: People in the group (Cont'd). Criticisms of our group composition. Our qualifications. Funding sources. Government registration.

  • Part 5: Our motivations and concerns. What people often ask us. Potential conflicts of interest.

bullet How this site differs: from most other religious sites.
bullet Some reviews of our site: What other groups and individual think of us -- positive & negative

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More information about this website:

bullet Citations of our site in books.
bullet Visitor's comments: These are only for the strong of stomach -- particularly the death threats.
bullet Privacy statement: You can relax. We don't trap and use information about you.
bullet © Copyright & legal notices: Protection, disclaimers, etc.
bullet Our most popular essays: The high-traffic essays; most are not particularly spiritual.
bullet Awards -- and bannings -- that we have received.
bullet For our site
bullet For a section of our site
bullet Why McAfee's SiteAdvisor program once gave our site an orange (caution) rating.
bullet Traffic stats: An analysis of the number of hits, visitors, page loads etc. on this web site.
bullet Polls of the visitors to this web site: age, occupation, religion, etc.
bullet Religious tolerance logos & graphics: Images that Webmasters can use to link to our site.
bullet How to print our essays: Some browser/printer combinations need tweaking to avoid truncation.
bullet Our banner ads: Why we have to include those banner ads.
bullet A spectacular view of our homepage in graph form

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Are our essays credible?

bullet Errata section: Most religious web sites don't admit making errors. We are the only website of which we are aware that admits and documents significant errors.
bullet Our authors and their credentials.
bullet Are our essays credible? This essay was written for our web site's abortion access section, but is of general applicability.

Information about the group that maintains this web site:

bullet History of the group: First draft of a chapter in a book about religion & the Internet written in 1999 and since updated.

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Originally posted: 2004-NOV-14
Latest update: 2017-AUG-02
Author: B.A. Robinson

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