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Two collections of videos from

Short videos on self-worth, prayer, healing,
forgiveness, goodness, and many other topics

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This page includes two collections of short videos on a range of spiritual topics, ranging from about one to four minutes long. One group is from a Christian perspective and the other from a Jewish point of view. They talk about humans at their best and their most genocidal.

It doesn't matter what your personal religous and spiritual beliefs are, whether they be Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian .... to Zoroastrian, including the most rapidly growing religious classification, the NOTAs (None of the Above). You should find some of these very moving and thought provoking.

Videos from a Christian perspective:

  1. Terry Hershey speaks on self-worth.
  2. Madeleine L'Engle speaks on faith and voicing doubts.
  3. Anthony Campolo speaks on Christians believing in a God who isn't involved in our world.
  4. Frederick Buecher on faith.
  5. Bishop John Shelby Spong on truth and belief.
  6. A Bible illustrator.
  7. Bishop John Shelby Spong on the history of religion and its analogy to a flowing stream.
  8. William Sloane Coffin on grace.
  9. Len Sweet on evangelism.
  10. Daniel Barrigan on sharing faith.

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Videos from from a Jewish perspective:

  1. Harold Kushner, author of "Why bad things happen to good people" speaks on prayer and goodness.
  2. Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, FDNY chaplain, speaks about how people responded to 9/11.
  3. "William." a Jewish survivor of the Nazi Holocaust speaks on how he personally handled his angry memories.
  4. The Paperclip Project: a Holocaust memorial.
  5. Harold Kushner speaks on prayer as talking in God's presence.
  6. Rabbi as hockey player.

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Video player and content copyright © 2012 by Used here by permission
Originally posted: 2012-AUG-17
Latest update: 2012-SEP-07
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